Book Binding/Photography
About This Project

FABRICS of Los Angeles is a hand-stitched/bound hardcover book I made for Landscape Photography & Energy 173 taught by Yogan Muller using a kettle stitch binding method. It contains 35 carefully selected and organized photos taken in various locations around LA including the fashion/fabric district in downtown and a wholesale vintage clothing warehouse.

My goal was to display the “endlessness” and largeness of the fabric/clothing industry in general, as well as showcase the competitiveness between business, weaving in bright yellow/red advertisements/99cent per yard pricing signs.

This project was truly a challenging one for me and definitely pushed me as a creative — I worked hard to narrow down around 1,500 photos into 35 strong images. Ultimately I think I was left with a cohesive photo book that tells a story/encourages a certain emotion and personal response for the viewer.