About This Project

‘Framed Atmospheres’ was inspired by my animated 2D window series. With the opportunity to work in virtual reality, I wanted to create an immersive version of these animations in similar style. The scenes were modeled in Autodesk Maya 3D then brought into Unity game engine for VR. The user begins the experience in a square room with four frames, one on each wall of the room. The user can grab ahold of any of the four frames and look through it freely using the VR’s controllers, then drop the frame over their head to teleport into the atmosphere. From there they can observe the new atmosphere around them, then grab another frame and either teleport/portal to a new atmosphere or return to the square room they began in.


‘Framed Atmospheres’ was created for installation artist Jennifer Steinkamp’s (jsteinkamp.com) 3D Modeling/Motion class at UCLA.

Virtual Reality/VR Experience
Maya 3D, Unity