About This Project

‘Other Worlds’ is a 3 screen experience utilizing 5 projectors and surround sound to create an immersive environment. The final project was showcased in the EDA at the BROAD Art Center at UCLA.


After effects, Cinema 4D, and Maya 3D were used to create the visuals from scratch. The 2.5 minute experience highlights the endless possibilities of where artificial intelligence (AI) could go in the future as technologies continue to develop rapidly. Questions like, “Will AI and humans work together/be beneficial? Will AI be the end of humanity as we know it? Will AI eventually become so powerful that it creates a fully functional mind of its own?” are all relevant, as this project was created for some or all of these questions to arise in the viewers head.


‘Other Worlds’ was created for emerging media artist Refik Anadol’s (refikanadol.com) Winter MOTION 24 class at UCLA.


Immersive 5 Projector Experience